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About APE

The artist’s proof Is the work itself.


Artist’s Proof Editions is an imprint of Archipelago Publishers, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia, a non-profit organization,* publishers of Archipelago, an international journal of literature, the arts and opinion (1997-2007), one of the earlier serious literary sites on the Web. APE builds digital books and book-like projections for the iPad, and publishes works on paper, including artists’ books and broadsides.

Our publishing program is small and selective. We encourage slow literature, word-works formed over time, with deliberation and intention.

Our Projects

We produce video poems, multi-touch digital books, artist’s books, and works on paper. We are curious about the origins of art and the beginning of writing. We begin with the word,  its utterance, the emotions it evokes from us, the poem that grows from it, the marks the poet makes. We respond with performance:  images, sound, text, as montage. We make new versions for the twenty-first century.

Our People


Sheila McMillen is a writer and editor who served as the Associate Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review and as a Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Virginia. She is the founder of The Green Mountains Review in Vermont  and co-editor of Eric Clapton’s Lover, an anthology of fiction selected from the Virginia Quarterly Review. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in a variety of publications: the Chronicle of Higher EducationPloughshares, The Ontario Review, Harvard  Business Review, and the New York Times, among others.

Kirsten Miles has been a member of the Virginia Art of the Book Center since 2010, and is the current Regional Director of Tupelo Press. In addition she is the founder of P.I. Outcomes, providing consulting in research ethics for digital data images in biomed.  In her spare time she writes poetry and is working on a novel for young adults.

Katherine McNamara, Editor and Producer, is the author of a non-fiction narrative, Narrow Road to the Deep North, A Journey into the Interior of Alaskaand founding Editor and Publisher (1996-2007) of Archipelago. She directs Artist’s Proof Editions and is an iTunes Producer. She is also a member of the Virgina Arts of the Book Center and an Affiliated Fellow, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Charlottesville.



Forrest Marquisee, at Forest Floor Studios, is a musician, composer, and sound designer who also works collaboratively with Artist’s Proof Editions. He designed the sound recordings for Caveboy, A Poem, and our forthcoming Inna Kabysh Poems. He is (often) the band Madonnas in the Field; his, and their, first cd is Standing on the Ridgeline.

Molly Schwartzburg is is curator of the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia and blogs at Notes from Under Grounds. Our librarian-at-large, she regards books from a wide angle, including artists’ books, small presses, digital editions, miniature books, broadsides, posters, and other such works on paper.

Alison Wynn is a curator, photographer, writer, and thinker living in Brooklyn, N.Y. Working in the visual arts, she leverages multi-media expression and cross-cultural sensitivities to create hybrid educational and poetic works. She was co-curator of What Matters Now? at the Aperture Foundation; has contributed to Jonathan Worth’s open photography courses, Phonar and Picbod; and, lately, worked with the Josephine Herrick project, a non-profit organization devoted to teaching photography as a means of rehabilitation.

Kevin McFadden is a printer, a poet, and an advisor at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center. He is the author of Hardscrabble, which won the 2009 George Garrett Prize for Poetry.



*Archipelago Publishers, Inc., is a non-profit company incorporated in Virginia. We are among the estimated 270,000 very small tax-exempt corporations that accidentally lost their Federal 501( c )3 status because of changes in a law unrelated to their previous tax-exempt status. We filed for retroactive restoration as of December 4, 1012; restoration of our tax-exempt or 501( c )3 status is pending.


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